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On-Premise VoIP PBX

On-Premise PBX

Our on-premise PBX solutions retain all the benefits of a cloud system, whilst taking advantage of the local infrastructure, for businesses who prefer a classic deployment.

The solution can be deployed onto existing hardware – as virtual machine – onto one of our SILENTBOX industrial solutions, or as a pre-built PBX.

Based on your requirements, our solution architects can recommend one of the many solutions we have available, giving you the greatest flexibility of budget, performance and resilience.


Our flagship solution, intended to cover all the requirements of a modern business, has been designed from ground up to cover for any dynamic business.

With mobility and flexibility in focus, 3CX allows a company to cater for multiple branches from a single location, saving on costs and increasing productivity.

All the features of an enterprise telecommunications infrastructure are delivered, with ease of use, friendly user interfaces and multiple options in terms of devices.


With recent development of increasingly powerful processors, miniaturized devices are more often chosen as all-in-one solutions for VoIP systems.

A perfect example, our choice of All-In-One router/PBXs offer the best balance between functionality, performance and budget, whilst minimizing the clutter usually caused by ICT equipment.

Available in two form factors – micro and mini – our solutions provide perfect all-in-one approach to Internet connectivity, Wifi networking and corporate-style telephony systems, even for micro-businesses.


Get Your On-Premise VoIP Solution

Note: Our solution designers will calculate and give you a total price based on your specific requirements, that can include the desk phones as well.