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VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Starting from $9 ex GST per month with unlimited calls in Australia!*

Belltone Communication Systems VoIP plans are now available with a 10% discount for any customer contacting us via the website. Our VoIP phone systems offer a large variety of features that can help your business communicate better.
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Modern Communication Solutions Belltone

Belltone Communication Systems

Product Range

Belltone Communication Systems is a provider of VoIP Phone systems and solutions and NBN Internet connectivity and solutions. Our products include SIP Trunks, VoIP hardware and on-premise as well as cloud-based VoIP PBX systems. Our hosted VoIP phone systems instances run from a Sydney data centre with high availability and redundancy and provide VoIP Extensions that your employees can use on a smartphone, PC or standard IP Telephone. With an extensive array of modern features, covering any business needs, combined with ease of deployment that does not require particular router or network configurations.

Our VoIP Phone Systems Features

Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Cloud-based or on-premise

Hosted PBX or on-premise PBX, to give you the flexibility required by your business needs. Same great features and resilience, allowing automated backups locally or in the cloud.
Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Virtual Receptionist

Flexible and easy-to-setup feature set, the PBX IVR system can cater for up to 9 options in a single setup, allowing multiple cascading virtual receptionists for most complex scenarios.
Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone


Having its own in-built Fax server, the PBX can receive faxes and automatically deliver them as PDF attachments to any of the user extensions email addresses.
Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Video conferencing

Scheduled or ad-hoc video conferences can be set up either as one-offs or regular virtual conference rooms for teams not in the same building or on the same continent.

Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Ring Groups

For busy teams that need to help each other by taking the inbound flux of calls, ring groups can be a time saver. With “ring all” or “simple hunt” to cater for any need.

Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Call Queues

If your customers expect you to answer fast and deal with their problems, call centre features can be achieved by your business with login/logout functions, dashboards and reporting available at a click of a button.

Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Branch Connection

With our cloud VoIP phone systems and products, all your branches and the head office are one. Each location can have any number of users, they all get connected.

Cloud-based or on-premise Belltone

Smartphone and PC Apps

With both smartphone and PC apps, your employees can become free to use the business telephony system wherever they are, with no need to use a handset.

Belltone Communication Systems

The Future of Business Communications, Today!

Belltone Communication Systems provides low cost, low and high volume VoIP communication solutions, combined with mobile-ready unified communications systems for the SMB and big Enterprise market. Our flagship product is the 3CX Communications System, combined with various local and international VoIP providers, to satisfy our customer’s communication needs.

Our approach is always to understand our customers’ actual telephony communication needs and requirements and provide tailored telephony solutions and VoIP plans that align with their budgets, expectations, and business demands.

From SIP trunks, hosted PBX or on-premise VoIP PBX solutions, IP telephony and video conferencing hardware and software, we provide the knowledge, the design and the technical assistance to ensure business requirements are met and exceeded.

We are thrilled to be at the forefront of VoIP telecommunications, video conferencing, Internet networking and other emerging technologies that are transforming the word, providing exceptional customer service, high quality services and ongoing VoIP technical advice and support.

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