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One of the biggest pains when it comes to classic telecommunication systems that went unnoticed for decades is how difficult it was to integrate with other business systems (or how expensive, for that matter). Having a company phonebook available for all the users and easy dialling when needed usually required difficult implementations of complicated solutions that were not always easy to use.

Today, inexpensive solutions allow the PABX software to easily integrate with a CRM system or even with the user’s Outlook contact list and dialling is usually one or two clicks away, or a matter of typing several characters.

Add to that integration with web content management systems such as WordPress making possible for a website visitor to request a live chat or audio/video conversation with the customer support team and you have a very good picture of how the VoIP revolution has opened a new world of communications for small and medium businesses.

NOTEWORTHY: Modern VoIP systems can be integrated with many business systems like CRM and Websites, depending on the needs and the intended outcome.